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My name is Gabi, and I have Autism, ADHD, and a hint of OCD.

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Public Speaker | Social Media Strategist | SEO Expert //

Just a 24 y/o girl that is...

God-centered while also 
Advocating for Autism, ADHD, and Neurodiversity
Being my best Autsitic-ADHDer self, at least trying to...while
Reaching an audience that is meaningful to me, making change, making impact - purpose.
Investing my time in SEO, the things I love, amplifying voices, putting them above
Exemplifying what wasn't there, exemplifying the free choice:

to be yourself to


Love yourself' while concealing to create
Equal opporunity. To create equal opportunity is to create unity.


What does this mean?

Gabrie'le Eato

Future Ed.D




Autism helps me analyze things. It helps me enjoy reading details so I can understand interpret things. In SEO, I find it enjoyable and can spend hours at a time doing it because I enjoy looking into the details of things. Though sometimes certain areas of communication may be a challenge, such as interpreting nonverbal cues, facial expression, literal/nonliteral language, or even the difference between first and second person, autism also creates in me a wonderful ability to analyze and interpret the world in a different, unique way to navigate.




I am Autistic, I still like to talk, despite some areas of difficulty in communication. I actually love verbiage and literacy, and understanding the way words can flow and I love grammatical structure. ADHD makes me talk a lot about the things that I love the most... and I have interest in a variety of things. It makes me very creative and it makes me find peace in the art of digital media. I love filmmaking, I love photography, I love making websites and designing them.. I like making ads. Paired with autism I like to optimize the sites for SEO in my own unique way that has proven time and time again to work tremendously.



ADHD can make me disorganized despite loving to be organized due to OCD. That can be difficult to manage, but I love digital creations because you can take something that is a mess, and make something beautiful out of it and organize it to your liking. It creates a sense of peace for me. And I find strength and passion in what I do.



Starter - $500

  • Keyword optimization for your site.

  • Basic analytics to get you started.

  • No ads included

Advanced - $650

  • Enhanced keyword optimization.

  • Advanced analytics.

  • Local SEO to target nearby customers.

  • Basic ad management

Premium - $850

  • Comprehensive SEO service tailored to your needs.

  • Competitor Analysis and reporting.

  • Priority support.

  • Monthly strategy recommendations to improve your site and business.​

  • Optimal Ad creation

  • Optimal Ad management

Note: These are SEO plans that do not include website building.

However, if you have selected a basic site build, and decided to choose one of these plans in the future, this can most definitely be done.



All plans can be paid monthly, or per year. If paying per year, you will receive a 10% discount for going annual.

Portfoilo available upon request.


Why People Choose Me

I genuinely care. I love what I do. And I want you to succeed. Your success is my goal.

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Screenshot 2024-06-29 at 5.00.26 PM.png
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Limited-scope SEO services: Often focused on single aspects of digital marketing. May lack HIPAA compliance and multi-platform expertise. Generic strategies, potential hidden fees, and variable support. Website redesign typically an extra cost.

Due to a lot of inorganic strategies others may use, it may not be sustained. A lot of times, they want to show you a quick result and they want your money more than they care for your success. 

Oftentimes other providers of my niche do not have the experience I do as a Tiktok Content creator who has worked with multiple agents in the past. As far as content creation goes, I have worked with people who have been on Nickelodeon, and I am a current member of TikTok's E-commerce and TTCC program. I also have won contests on the platform in the past for my ad creation. I not only do SEO, but I help promote you with my ad creation techniques that are unique to me.



Milestones Autism Conference //

June 10 & 11th 

This event was a success.

Thank you for those who grant me your continued support.


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